All the different chunks…

I have thoroughly enjoyed this class. I have enjoyed using twitter and comments instead of gross forums. I have enjoyed writing blogs instead of gross formal papers. I have enjoyed learning more about technology and watching various Tedtalks. I feel I’ve grown as a learner, I look at my classmates and feel they have grown as learners.

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I think my favorite part of this class was twitter and learning about PLNs. I honestly hope this is something I can continue, I like the idea of connecting with others. Connecting is especially appealing because online learning can be so lonely. Which is another thing I really appreciated about this class, I never felt alone. I feel like I got to know my classmates, I interacted with them. I honestly hope you guys keep up with your twitter handles so that the interaction isn’t lost next semester, I don’t want to go back to feeling alone.

In most classes I feel like you look at one small chunk of a big chunk. For example, I took a class called Cultural Geography (it was really great, and I liked it a lot). That class was very specific, I learned a lot, but it was only related to a small chunk of my life and my world view. This class is different, what I have learned in this class is a variety of chunks of a very broad subject. The best thing is that because there were so many different chunks to this class I can apply them to so many different aspects of my life.

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I can apply the chunk about integrating Tedtalks and Podcasts and other great media into my role as a teacher someday. I can apply the chunk where we learned about creative common licensing with photos to future blogs, or digital creations of students or myself. The chunk where we learned about hacking education to help my future children explore their own passions and how they learn best. I can apply digital citizenship to my future, my children’s future, and hopefully my student’s futures.

This class will stay with me if for no other reason than it was different. It showed me that learning can be vastly different from the norm and people adapt and learn anyways sometimes learning more. I’m grateful for this class and look forward to drawing of the experiences it for the rest of my life as a learner, as a teacher, and possibly as a parent.

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